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Who I Am

 My creativity has developed and evolved over time. I’m a plumber

and electrician who has been in the construction industry for many years. Through the help from my close friends and family, my art came to fruition.  I’ve always had an interest in working with metals which led me to the idea of taking any used metal article, repurposing it and turning it into art.

Each piece is made from my heart and created with a flare of eclectic taste and cutting edge design as they form, taking on their own shape, color and meaning. My work focuses on the environment, recycling old material’s into something new. Each piece often consists of multiple mediums which are grouped around specific meanings.

I am awed by the mystery of how the creation occurs. My designs speak for themselves and speak to the viewer. Each person will take something a bit different from the same piece of art and

I’m excited about that. Each piece of my art has a story behind it, just ask me.